Audio Box

This is Lorna, our current Chairperson, listening to the recordings that accompanied the display. Join her to hear some choir members sharing their memories of the choir and to hear some of our most recent pieces.


Choir member, Gill, describes Reading Phoenix Choir’s first visit to Voronezh, Russia:

      1. The Voronezh Story


‘Fyer Fyer’ by Thomas Morley recorded by Reading Phoenix Choir in 2018:

      2. ‘Fyer Fyer’ by Thomas Morley


Members of the choir – Mary, Howard and Rachel – explain what they most enjoy about being part of Reading Phoenix Choir:

      3. Members of Reading Phoenix Choir


‘Golden Day’ by Gerson Batista. The winning piece of the inaugural Walter Hussey Composition Competition recorded by Reading Phoenix Choir in 2020:

      4. Golden Day by Gerson Batista