Reigate Methodist Church - 5th April 2014

As ever the choir’s sound was polished and rich. I most enjoy the rousing classical pieces, such as Jubilate Deo and Lobet den Herrn, which showcase the choir’s vocal dexterity, and the complex modern numbers such as Totus Tuus that evoke such strong emotions in the audience. The variety in the second half confirms the choir’s ability to switch effortlessly between styles, with the jazzy numbers providing an uplifting finale.

Holly Cartlidge

I greatly enjoyed the well polished performance of many pieces tonight. The parts were balanced all the way through, demonstrating volume, speed and style changes. Amazing contrast of dynamics and memorable sustained notes in the Totus Tuus. How can you all hold those notes purely for so long? I was entranced all the way through. It was great to welcome Reading Phoenix to Reigate and I look forward to hearing you again soon.

Peter Johnson

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