Annual Concert ‘Gloria’, Reading Concert Hall - 3rd March 2018

Our Annual Concert at Reading Concert Hall this year featured Rutter’s Gloria, excerpts from Rachmaninov’s Vespers and Howells’ Requiem, as well as a selection of light pieces. Here’s what some of the audience thought of the concert:

So glad we ventured out. So glad. A mightily impressive and enjoyable performance. Your new conductor is obviously very talented and bringing out the best in the choir. A rich, warm, strong, well-blended sound and technically totally assured, ranging over some extremely demanding repertoire. I loved it and hope to come to another concert sometime soon.

Quite a few pieces were new to me and so it is hard to pass any kind of expert judgement on them… I enjoyed the Tallis and the Victoria. Rutter’s ‘Gloria’ was brilliantly done, full of zip and energy. As ever, Phoenix demonstrated a total mastery of varying styles and moods. Queen and David Bowie were very, very clever arrangements, superbly executed.

One observation: A LOT of people looked unremittingly grim throughout the entire concert… which was surprising as the singing was so brilliant. The bottom line is however: Lots of difficult / challenging music sung fantastically well. Top notch… the result of a lot of talent and a lot of hard work. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable, uplifting and satisfying evening of choral excellence. Thanks and best wishes to everyone. RB

Most enjoyable concert tonight. Beautiful voices and conducting. Top marks to O Magnum Mysterium and Tota Pulchra Es. Fab Requiem too. Helene Garcon

Excellent in quality of singing and in feeling. They sing as one marvellous unified voice. I’m so glad I came. The Phoenix is back, better than ever. Anon

An inspirational and uplifting performance. A truly glorious Gloria! Thank you all for an evening of pure joy and for sharing the gift of your amazing voices and musicianship with us. J Walker

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