A QuaranTune that keeps returning to choir’s repertoire

This week’s QuarantTune has been chosen by long-standing soprano Rosie. She has picked Sergei Rachmaninov’s Bororoditse Devo, which has made many appearances in concerts over the years.

This glorious piece forms part of Rachmaninov’s All-Night Vigil. It premiered on 23 March 1915 in Moscow and consists of settings of texts taken from the Russian Orthodox all-night vigil ceremony. It has been praised as Rachmaninov’s finest achievement. It was one of Rachmaninov’s two favorite compositions along with The Bells, and the composer requested that its fifth movement (Nunc Dimittis) be sung at his funeral.

The text can be translated as follows:

Bogoróditse Dyévo, ráduisya, Blagodátnaya Maríye, Gospód s tobóyu.
Blagoslovyéna ty v zhenákh, i blagoslovyén plod chryéva tvoyevó, yáko Spása rodilá yesí dush náshikh.

Rejoice, virgin mother of God, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.
Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, for you have borne the Savior of our souls.

This performance was recorded at the Iglesia de la Asunción de Nuestra Señora, Melgar de Fernamental, Spain in April 2018.