Join us at our Annual Concert for Brahms’ Requiem!

Choir member Carla Battelli talks about our upcoming Annual Concert.

“Reading Phoenix Choir is thrilled to organise once again its Annual Concert at Reading’s Town Hall, performing Brahms Deutsches Requiem alongside a selection of pieces from our repertoire, sung from memory, as it is in the tradition of our normal concerts.

This will be the choir’s third performance of Brahms’ Requiem, having sung it last year, but this particular work is such a rich collection of lovely music that preparing for it again has been a great adventure. We need to sustain a shifting singing style, with a focus on a variety of emotions, some focused on the fragile human condition, where the music requires a sustained piano part, making it very deep and moving (I have tears in my eyes at this point), while some other passages are invigorating and full of enthusiasm, requiring so much energy and full lung power that the end of the movement leaves me filled with a feeling of euphoria… The extra oxygen flowing through my blood maybe? You wouldn’t think a “Requiem” could be so thrilling, but this one definitely is and we will do our best to share its greatness with the public as best as we can. An experience not to be missed!”

We are busy preparing for our performance of Brahms’ Requiem and are delighted to share this short snippet with you:


For further details on our Annual Concert at Reading Town Hall, Saturday 25th February and to purchase tickets, please CLICK HERE.